Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Sunset Wedding

My great friends Dustin and Gloria tied the knot this past weekend in Oklahoma. They were married at my in-laws' beautiful ranch just before sunset. I was so honored when Gloria asked me to help take pictures of her big day. I'm warning you all of the oncoming photo overload!

Look at that beautiful girl.

Gloria wore Dustin's grandmother's pearls.

I absolutely love this picture. She looks so hopeful for her future :o)

We had Dustin turn around so Gloria could approach him from behind and we could capture his first glimpse of his bride. Here he is patiently waiting.

The lady approaches...

I'd say he was pleased :o)

Getting married :o)

What a kiss!

Ze cake!

Bekah (or Fred, to a lot of us), the bride's sister and maid of honor, joyfully introduces the couple at the reception. (My mother-in-law, friend Raven and I made the gourd candle holders! Eek!)

I love this! They had a table with pictures of both families, complete with cameos of the bride and groom in the middle (which I also made! Okay, okay, I'll stop bragging; I'm just so pleased with how they turned out!)

They had guests write wedding wishes on quilt squares. Love it!

Glo and her new father-in-law. Precious.

Preparing for the sparkler sendoff!

Gloria and Dustin, thank you so much again for allowing me to play a part in your beautiful day! I'm so grateful to have you as friends and I wish you every happiness!

Oh, let's be honest. I'm just as happy for myself since y'all live in Nashville now! ;)