Monday, August 23, 2010

Greyscale Showing

After years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears (all of which have literally applied at some point), my husband was able to show his movie, "Greyscale," to our family and friends. He has poured so much of his time and energy into this film and I daresay it has paid off.

Well, really, I think it paid off long ago in the form of introducing us to some really wonderful people with whom I pray we will be friends for the rest of our lives.

This past weekend, we drove to Tulsa to show the movie at two different theatres on Saturday. We had an informal showing in the morning and a formal showing in the evening. Both events drew in hundreds of people who had been excited to see the film for quite some time. Friends and family came in from California, New Mexico, Missouri, etc to show their support. It was a wonderful time that Ryan and I both liken to a wedding - only this time I got to be the "groom!" I say that because I got to just show up and enjoy everything while Ryan, the "bride," wrangled specific details.

The movie is still technically in post-production, but only long enough to tweak a few things. Then it's time to find a distributor. The "friends and family showings" were the culmination of so many people's time and effort, and I can't believe we're finally here.

If you worked on "Greyscale," I can't thank you enough for helping my husband achieve his dream. If you came to one or both of the showings, thank you SO much for your support! We love you all!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is Why the Internet is Dangerous ;)

I'm taking a break from cleaning (okay, so I've been doing a lot more "breaking" than cleaning so far today) to browse stuff that I can't have. Healthy, huh? But I do think it's fun to be creative, if only in my head, and window-shop. (I couldn't use the "Windows-shop" pun that came into my head because I'm now a Mac - and proud.) I will eventually need to furnish and decorate my apartment, anyway, so I can always get a head start on ideas.

I want to cut this in half and make curtains. My living room window is huge and looks out on NOTHING but a sea of trees. How perfect would that look in my treehouse?

This would look so great in my living room - maybe sitting on a side table or on one of the shelves of the entertainment center we're dreaming of getting (right now our TV is on our coffee table). It'd also encourage me to wander into the wilderness to pick flowers. All I need is a red hooded cape.

I can't get over how wonderful this is. As I become more of a seamstress and acquire little tools that need to be organized, I'm seeing more and more of a need for a little box or chest like this. The small size is so great for placing it on my sewing table, IT COMES WITH THREAD!!!, and look at that raw wood - just begging me to customize it. And the price is great!

Uh, awesome. The light fixture above our dining table is so outdated - it's there, making this unnecessary, but a girl can dream. And it's so fun to look at.

I can't tell you how great this would look on a certain small portion of our living room wall. The walls are painted a light grey. This would just pop. I can see it now.

Okay, enough for now. The reality that is the Swiffer WetJet is calling. Eventually (read: when I figure out how), I hope to have a separate page for fun, inspiring things I find. For now, I hope you had fun imagining with me! :o)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Makeover COMPLETE (for now, anyway)!

Well, friends, how do you like it? My blog's new look makes me smile. I need to "shout it out" (teehee...most of you won't get that, but that's okay) to my awesome husband who was able to use his coding knowledge to fix things, move things, change things, and customize things for me - and also to for being awesome. Everything on that site makes me want to drool. If it were up to me, I'd use a different layout of theirs every day and the sides of my blog would be lined with the buttons and blinkies, but that would obviously be overkill.

I'll continue to make some changes, like adding pages, throughout the next few days. I definitely plan to get back into blogging full-swing now. Let's hope that works out!

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Makeover in Progress!

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't noticed (before now) that I've been making some changes to my blog. For starters, it now has a new name - Life in the Treehouse - but it will still have the same web address for now, After all, adventures by Sarah are a part of life in the treehouse ;)

Now for an explanation. The other day, Colleen and I were out on my screened-in veranda and she remarked that when you look out at the trees, you think you're in a treehouse. Oh, I liked that. A lot. So I decided that my new home is "the treehouse." Never mind that it's actually an apartment in a building with at least five other apartments. Never mind that it is not, in fact, up in a tree. Never mind that you actually have to walk DOWN a few steps to get to it. It is my treehouse, dang it, and I live here and there are chipmunks.

My dedicated perfectionist of a husband worked for over an hour on my new layout last night (mostly on the banner), and I finally had to make him go to bed instead of staying up until he was pleased with how it looks. So it's still a work in progress; excuse us as we change things up, change our minds, and change them again. Hopefully it'll look like the whimsical wonderland I tell myself I live in when all is said and done!

Thanks for stopping by :o)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Colleen's Maternity Pictures

Phil and Colleen are awesome new friends of ours in Nashville. Colleen is going to have baby Elianna Joy any day now, so we wanted to make sure we got some shots of her while we still could! My goal was to wait to post these until I have given my blog a makeover, but that is still in the works (read: I have NO idea how to make my own blog layout and I have a feeling it'll take a long time to learn) and I didn't want to keep my sweet friend waiting any longer, so here they are!

Phil and Colleen, thanks SO much for being champs! It takes a superwoman to walk around in the Nashville heat and humidity nine months pregnant, climb out onto roofs, etc! Can't wait to meet your beautiful little girl :o)