Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This is Why the Internet is Dangerous ;)

I'm taking a break from cleaning (okay, so I've been doing a lot more "breaking" than cleaning so far today) to browse stuff that I can't have. Healthy, huh? But I do think it's fun to be creative, if only in my head, and window-shop. (I couldn't use the "Windows-shop" pun that came into my head because I'm now a Mac - and proud.) I will eventually need to furnish and decorate my apartment, anyway, so I can always get a head start on ideas.

I want to cut this in half and make curtains. My living room window is huge and looks out on NOTHING but a sea of trees. How perfect would that look in my treehouse?

This would look so great in my living room - maybe sitting on a side table or on one of the shelves of the entertainment center we're dreaming of getting (right now our TV is on our coffee table). It'd also encourage me to wander into the wilderness to pick flowers. All I need is a red hooded cape.

I can't get over how wonderful this is. As I become more of a seamstress and acquire little tools that need to be organized, I'm seeing more and more of a need for a little box or chest like this. The small size is so great for placing it on my sewing table, IT COMES WITH THREAD!!!, and look at that raw wood - just begging me to customize it. And the price is great!

Uh, awesome. The light fixture above our dining table is so outdated - it's there, making this unnecessary, but a girl can dream. And it's so fun to look at.

I can't tell you how great this would look on a certain small portion of our living room wall. The walls are painted a light grey. This would just pop. I can see it now.

Okay, enough for now. The reality that is the Swiffer WetJet is calling. Eventually (read: when I figure out how), I hope to have a separate page for fun, inspiring things I find. For now, I hope you had fun imagining with me! :o)

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Amanda said...

I love it!! Especially the vases!! Can't wait to see your progress :D Loving the look of the blog!