Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Made a Headband!

I'm officially hooked on "Glee," and while watching it the other day, I saw a headband on Emma that I thought was tooooo cute. I thought, "I could make something like that...maybe" and decided to give it a whirl. So this evening, I sat down in my craft room and made myself a cute little headband. Of course, it doesn't look EXACTLY like Emma's - I wanted a different color and a bigger headband because I can't stand it when my headbands "ride up" my hair like hers looks like it's doing - but I am pretty satisfied with it nonetheless :)

My inspiration:

(Sorry about the pixelated image - I'm just glad I was able to get a screen capture at all!)

First, I stitched the headband. I simply measured the length of ribbon I wanted by putting it around my head, then using a small amount of elastic in the back (by "finger-guesstimating" how much I'd need). I left about 3/4" extra ribbon on both sides, folded it over, and stitched the elastic in. I put the headband on to make sure it fit and to measure the length of the second ribbon, the angle at which I'd need to sew it, etc. Then I sewed it. I got really lucky with all of this guesstimating; I am fully aware that it could've been a disaster. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of each step - I only have a pic of the completed headband.

Then I whipped out my glue gun, turned it on the low setting, and glued on my gems.

Voila! My cute headband!


*One last apology - I know the coloring of the pics is really weird. I guess the lighting in my ultra-green craft room doesn't make for the best pictures. So I'll either have to start crafting in daylight or you'll have to expect weird-looking pictures of my future endeavors!*

Next time I will:
1) Try a wider angle (bigger space) between the two pieces of ribbon.
2) Use less ribbon, more elastic. I thought that the more ribbon I used, the prettier my headband would be, but it's really not as flexible as I'd like.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yes, it's been over two months since I last posted. I haven't let this blog slip my mind; rather, I've spent a lot of time in thought as to whether I should continue posting on this one, having started my photography blog. And I think I will continue this blog, as I have missed having a venue to say what I want to say (when it's more complicated than a Facebook status allows).

SO. Over the last two months...a lot of cool stuff has happened. I went on yet ANOTHER trip to New York City, where I got to see the Macy's parade. My sister graduated with her Master's degree (can I brag? This girl graduated with her Bachelor's a semester early, moved up to New York City to start her first job in her field and did her Master's program online in one year! So just six months after she should have graduated with her Bachelor's, she had her Master's AND a great, successful start to her career)! I got to celebrate Christmas with my family for the first time since Ryan and I got married. I welcomed 2010 with utter joy and excitement. I turned twenty-five. Lastly, Ryan and I just got back from an awesome trip to Nashville.

It has been a whirlwind - exhausting, but fun. I can't wait to see what will happen in 2010. One thing that I KNOW will happen is that Ryan and I will try our hands at the P90x program. I've heard nothing but good (painful, but good) things about it and I absolutely cannot wait to start it - if only the DVDs and equipment would arrive and this mysterious abdominal pain of mine would go away. In any case, I tell you all this because the more people know I'm going through it, the more I'll want to make sure I keep it up!

So that's been my life as of late. And I'm back :)