Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tinted Windows

If you know me at all, you know that I love me some Hanson. If you know me VERY well, you're a little scared of how much I used to love them. Obviously, those "scary" days are long gone, but there's definitely still Hanson love. Recently I was informed (by my best friend's brother, of all people) that Taylor is involved in a side project called Tinted Windows. Josey and I quite literally screamed at the dinner table when we heard this news. The twelve-year-olds in us will take Taylor Hanson's voice with just about anyone playing the other instruments (or, you know, with no instruments at all). This was such a welcome surprise!

I went and listened to the song on their website, "Kind of a Girl." Honestly, my first thought was "...Well, this is okay." It's a cute and very fun song, but it's got enough "Oh woah woah"s to put an episode of Hannah Montana to shame. The style doesn't surprise me concerning the beloved lead vocalist, but part of me feels the need to humbly thank the drummer from Cheap Trick and the guitarist from Smashing Pumpkins for playing with Taylor. The song is more juvenile (which is NOT a bad word in my vocabulary!) than a lot of Hanson's most recent work. Just an observation.

I'm definitely excited to hear more. The band is releasing an album (!!!) on April 21st and they're also playing at SXSW in Austin next month. The lunatic in me wants to drive down there for it. I doubt that'll happen, but it's fun to dream about.

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