Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Have the Perfect Fall Day.

Wake up early and make pumpkin muffins for the road.

Have an extra cup of coffee because you can.

Go to the orchard.

Have a husband who knows to wear corduroy without you even having to ask.

Go on a hayride.

Find a cool bug.

Pick apples.

Climb a tree (kind of).

Obtain Esmerelda the fairytale pumpkin (as well as other pumpkins and gourds).

Pose again.

Find a cool tree and snap a picture from the car.

Go to the state fair.


See fun animals.

Eat again.

Go home and put those freshly picked apples to use.

The recipe will follow in my next post! Until then...


Mandie said...

This my friend is adorable!!! I love it!

kristena marie said...

I love your day! It makes me happy.

Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Your day sounds perfect and the pie looks very yummy!!!!!

Whitney said...

That looks like the perfect day to me! Now if only we could have bumped into eachother at the fair....
And um. That pie looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! must. Have. Crust. Cutters.

Kristina said...

Wow... my fall now feels inadequate. I must have your apple pie recipe. I love apple pie but haven't made it in years and years.

josephhutson said...

fun stuff

Kelly said...

You are too cute!