Saturday, November 7, 2009


You and I are both aware that these economic times are tough. It seems like everyone I know is being affected in one way or another. When we have to give things up to save money, it's upsetting and frustrating. We (I know I) tend to think, "Why is this happening to me?" Well, I realized something the other day that I hope will lend insight to my readers.

A bit of background: Ryan was laid off in August and is still without a job. As we try to stretch things a little further and reevaluate what we "need" in our lives, a lot of changes are occurring. One example is that I now bring a homemade sandwich to school for lunch instead of escaping to McAlister's, Bread Co, etc. After a few days of this change, I noticed - I was eating less, but wasn't hungry for more. This tells me that, in short, when we know we can have something, we want it. If we know our limits, we are (or should be) content in those. It's such a simple concept, and probably sounds upsetting to many, but it's given me immense peace.

Do you know how blessed we all are? Do you truly know? A roof over our heads, food on the table, ANY kind of clothing AT ALL to wear - these are not things to ever be taken for granted. We don't deserve any of them. We aren't entitled to any of them, despite what every single marketing campaign in our country tells us. Every little luxury we have is a gift from God. We're not bad people for having what we have, and I hope I'm not making anyone feel GUILTY for their possessions. It's when we seek happiness in them that things get bad.

I have heard so many people joke, "I'm poor now," "We're destitute," etc. I don't feel like it's my place to say this to these people directly, but I wonder if they have any idea what "poor" and "destitute" actually look like. These concepts don't look anything like what myself and my loved ones have. We are all blessed beyond measure and need to recognize it.

I aim not to lecture, to but fill with hope that God has not turned and will NEVER turn His back on us. Just because we have less than what our disgustingly spoiled selves are used to doesn't mean that we aren't among the richest people in the universe. Please be reminded of how much you're provided for, and SMILE. :)



Mark said...

Very wise observations my dear :)

Whitney said...

Be thankful for little, be thankful for much. In my short life, I have experienced some of each and can honestly say that $ truly does NOT matter. Quality of life should be determined by faith and attitude, not money.

There have been times D and I have seriously questioned how to pay the bills, and mysteriously, we get a tax return, or we paid too much on something the month before and get a refund - SOMETHING always happens exactly when we need it. God never fails to amaze me with His provision.

And though we live on a strict budget of zero income, simply loans & savings, we never fear. Why fear with God's promises?

Kristina said...

While I agree with your overall point, I find that I actually desire things less when I know that I can have them. Perhaps this is due to growing up on food stamps, and wellfare.

Autumn Mist said...

Lovely to read your blog today. I gave up my job last year, so that we could move to a farm and keep our horses. The winter is tough, as I do all the horse chores, but God is providing for us, on one income, in amazing ways. I am sitting here contemplating what I want for Christmas. I'd like a new tea cosy and some books, so I'm not exactly lacking, am I? God is so good, but what you've written today is a timely reminder.

Startup Wife said...

You're so right--we have SO much, especially compared to so, so, so much of the world. Even in this crisis, we have freedom, shelter, food, love--a good reminder. Thanks.

little Denny said...

Hi sarah...
I was jus browsing through blogs... saw urs..Its stopped me and made me read your thoughts.... Nice thoughts that glorifies God.
Good thought that at all times we are well fed by God.

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God bless you