Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is no fun being sick. As kids, so many of us thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome if I got sick?! Then I wouldn't have to go to school!" (I say "many of us" instead of "all of us" because my best friend since seventh grade actually HATED missing school. What a weirdo.) However, once we actually caught whatever illness was going around, we realized that it wasn't all fun and games. I really think we take our bodies for granted until they're on the fritz.

I've had a raging sinus infection since last Thursday. I went to work because I thought it was just a really bad allergy day, but my temp started to rise so I went home in the afternoon. I only got worse from there, so I stayed home the next day, too, and went to the doctor. Being the slight hypochondriac that I am, I mentioned that there have been multiple cases of swine flu at all of my elementary schools. However, my doctor pointed out correctly that she could cut off my head and I'd feel better. None of my symptoms were below my neck.

So I've been on antibiotics and sinus washes since Friday morning. She told me I'd be feeling better by day three of the antibiotics. Well, it's day five and I feel the same as I did last Thursday afternoon when I went home from work. Fevers, sore throat, stuffy nose (that has now been "rinsed out" a total of NINE TIMES...HOW MUCH could be in there?! Sorry; that was gross), and sneezes that register on the Richter Scale plague my day-to-day activities.

I went to work yesterday to help out my boss, who was out of state, but I was surprised to find out that I had a 100-degree temperature sitting at that desk. I toughed it out the rest of the day, but I'm home again today. Hopefully some more R&R will get me back into work tomorrow. I hate the thought of letting my co-workers down, and one of them has flu in her family right now, too. When it rains, it pours!

Hopefully this will shape up to be just an EARLY sick season instead of a ridiculously long one.


Whitney said...

Being sick is the worst!!! Hope you feel 100% soon.

Mandie said...

Feel better soon sweetheart! My mom always gets hot and sour soup when her nose is stuffy. I have never tried up but she swears by it :)