Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Kitschy Kitchen

I have been itching to post pictures of my apartment, but too much of it is still in progress. However, one area is (mostly) finished: the kitchen!

Come on in...

I decided to take advantage of the presence of a chair rail and paint two different colors. I knew I wanted pale blue in my kitchen even before we moved, and I decided on pale yellow for the bottom. I got the baker's rack on craigslist. Yay! It was a great find and perfect for storing my dear keepsakes.

This is my flowery elephant. It fell and its trunk broke into a bunch of little pieces, but I rescued it with superglue. In the background you can see the awesome tile my friend Josey found for me and the matryoshka measuring cups I cherish so much!

My friend Kristena custom-made this adorable coffee grinder cozy for me. I am so proud of it! She never ceases to amaze me.

I found this vintage wall hanging while antiquing in a nearby town. I love it! How appropriate in my kitty-cat-filled home :)

This is another Josey find. She has luck at Goodwill the likes of which I've never seen.

She also found me these great embroideries!
I still need to make a little valance to go over the window, and I realize I failed to get a full shot of the kitchen - I couldn't get a great angle so I'll wait until I feel like finding a wider lens to do that ;)

Hope you enjoyed the peek into my sweet little kitchen!


Amanda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Sarah your kitchen is adorable!!!

Angela said...

I love are sooo artistic.....I love it!!

Whitney said...

I love it, Sarah! SO cute and so very you. :) Yay!

Kristena said...

Oh, now I see! I must have missed this. I haven't been keeping up with my Google Reader very well lately. I love it though! And it makes my heart happy that there are little bits of me all over your kitchen. :)