Thursday, July 29, 2010

St. Louis Visit

This past weekend, I made a visit up to my hometown of St. Louis. The drive from Nashville is *slightly* more interesting than it was from Tulsa, as this time I get to switch highways and everything! ;)

Shortly after I arrived on Friday evening, I joined my mom and her friend Karen for a concert in the zoo. The Saint Louis Zoo is one of my favorite places ever. I even had my wedding reception there.

The band was awesome and I enjoyed creepily taking pictures of the people dancing.

This guy in particular was really getting down. He was so fun to watch!

There was a peahen strutting around as well. Lots of us were enjoying getting pictures of her...

Then she looked right at me! (Of course, I guess bird vision is different so I'm not sure whether she was actually SEEING me...)

I snuck away for a bit to visit the sea lions.

Sleepy friends.

My cute mommy and her cute friend! It was a great time.

My Pi at Starbucks the next morning. Isn't he magical?

This is Neville, the kitten Ryan and I got my mom for Christmas. He's growing so quickly!

On Saturday night, we went to my aunt's house to celebrate my cousin's college graduation. Here's the scholar pondering cake.

I had a great time visiting my family and confusing my mom with my obsession with picture-taking. ("WHY are you taking a picture of that?!" It's an art, mom....) ;)

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