Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chemo #1

Yemma started her chemo yesterday. Early in the morning, she had a small surgery to insert a port-a-cath that is now being used to inject the IV chemo, Taxol. She came out of the surgery fine, then was sent to the oncology floor, where the drip began immediately. It should be finished around now (24-hour drip), and then they will use the port in her abdomen to infuse Cisplatin, the other chemo drug. She should hopefully be able to leave the hospital tomorrow, and if all goes well, the other rounds of chemo will all be outpatient.

I spoke to her yesterday afternoon and earlier today. She states that she's feeling fine, just tired. Her doctor and nurses have told her that she will feel the full effects of the chemo about five to seven days from now, and that mostly she will feel very weak and tired. She said she'll take that over any other side effects. I hope she doesn't get too nauseated. She hasn't been nauseated at all yet - thank God!

This Saturday is when Josey is going to come over to shave Yemma's head. Like I said, I love that she's getting it all over with in one go and on her terms. My Pi will be taking pictures and sending them to me, so as long as I get Yemma's permission, I'll post them here.

Yemma has lost 25 pounds since she was diagnosed in April. She's been trying to lose weight and this is obviously not the way which we would have chosen for it to happen, but she might as well enjoy it! Here is a picture of her with one of the many blankets that have been made for her. She is - WE are - so richly blessed with great family and friends.

Thanks so much for the continuing prayers.

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