Thursday, June 18, 2009

New York, Baby! - Part One

Last week I returned from my fourth trip to New York. Now, the first three times I went were all very touristy trips. The first trip was just for a weekend with my sister so that she could interview for a Dolce & Gabbana internship. The second and third times were in the summer, when she HAD the internship and I went with Josey and her family, then my husband. Both of those summer trips were spent running around with our New York Passes, cramming in as much sightseeing as we possibly could.

In January of 2008, when I was doing my sister's hair for her interview, neither of us dreamed that she would be LIVING in the Big Apple the next year. This trip was the first time I made hardly any specific plans. I stayed with Mary in her apartment in Hell's Kitchen (LOVE that area!) and she took some time off work so we could just walk around and do as we pleased.

We museum'd. We shopped. We ate. We went to the beach. We picnic(k?)ed in Central Park. We even hit a "garage sale" that took up a whole street! I got lots of cuteness there. We hung out with Gabe, who is Josey's brother and one of the sweetest, most fun, and most hilarious people ever. Mary and I often have actual discussions about how we pity people who don't have someone like him in their lives.

Let the pics begin.

We went to a restaurant on 53rd and 9th called Mangia e Bevi. If you're in NY, I recommend this place for yummy Italian food that is decently priced. They even give out tambourines to each table for people to (bang?) along to "That's Amore!" Very fun and unexpected. But beware if it's someone's birthday. That's all I'm sayin'.

Mary enthusiastically awaits the subway.

T Kettle on St. Marks has the BEST watermelon slushes. They consist of nothing but watermelon and ice. They are healthy and AMAZING!

Much cuteness.

Thumbs-up for T Kettle.

16 Handles, also somewhere in the East Village but I forgot where, has unique flavors of frozen yogurt that you can combine and then top with their awesome variety of toppings (like fruit, nuts, candy bars and even Cinnamon Toast Crunch). Pay by the ounce.


We went to Europa Cafe for breakfast. Mary teased me, saying it's too touristy. Maybe it is. But I love it.

This is the garage sale! I saw a sign for it so we walked down after breakfast. The day was gorgeous and we found so many awesome things there! Like:

I'm working on making over my living room into a fresh green and yellow look. So I had to have these candlesticks! $5 for the pair.

Genuine Matryoshka dolls from Russia. Look how teeny teeny tiny the smallest one is! $6.

So I love "kitschy" things for my kitchen. I love vintage knickknacks. This sweet little milk jug was $5.

I love cameos, so when Mary spotted this necklace I had to have it. She found a gorgeous black one and got it for herself, so now we have sort-of-matching cameo necklaces and a fun memory behind them! They were $5 each.

The lady who was selling this carpet bag purse told us it was from the 40s or 50s. She wanted $10 for it. Mary spotted that it couldn't be that old because of the type of stitch used. She dated it around the 70s. The lady must have spotted Mary checking it out suspiciously, so she dropped the price to $8. Ha. I don't care when it's from, I just think it's cute!

I got some more things at the garage sale, but I can't post them because they're gifts ;)

So ANYWAY. Back to the photos from the trip.

My cute sister :)

So, this is definitely Mary's ROOF.

Central Park!
Bethesda Fountain

We saw this wedding couple a few times throughout the park! The bride's dress was light pink!


Magnolia Bakery has the BEST cupcakes! I know I've said that before so I won't expound now.

She'd never been before and LOVED it!

I heart NY...
Union Square

Watermelon margaritas at an outdoor bar called Blockheads! So summery and perfect.



Well, that's all I'll burden you with in this post. Beware four more days' worth of pictures....

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