Sunday, June 14, 2009

He Who Must Be Named

This past Thursday, I went to Petsmart to look at kitties because I am ornery. We hadn't been planning on getting another kitty, at least not anytime soon...but I kind of accidentally fell in love.

The nail in the coffin was actually holding the kitty (after being coerced by another lady, who did nothing to help my infatuation). The kitty immediately snuggled up on my shoulder and starting purring more loudly than I've ever heard another cat purr in my life. Sooooo sweet! I sent a few pics to Ryan, who, understandably, got a little upset because he'd gone off to work that morning like it was any other day, and here was his wife sending him pictures of a big commitment out of the blue.

However, we talked about it and the next night, he told me that I could go to Petsmart and apply for the cat. (When we got Caspian, we had to apply for him and I was a basket case all weekend while we waited to find out whether he'd be ours.) I was so excited! We got to Petsmart a little before 5pm on Saturday and held the cat again. While I was witnessing Ryan falling in love, too, the lady was explaining how the adoption worked. "....And you'd be able to take him home tonight." We were floored! All we had to do was fill out a paper with our names and address, pay the fee, and the baby was ours. Ryan drove home quickly to get the cat carrier while I waited with baby, and then we were on our way home!

Now, here's the funny thing. When I first saw this cat, the employee was sure it was a female. When we went back on Saturday, another employee was sure it was a male. No sex was marked on the info sheet on its cage. So...umm....we kind of aren't terribly sure whether we have a boy baby or a girl baby. BUT...we are 90ish% sure it's a boy. Maybe.

I already have two names that I like if it's a girl....but we've been trying to come up with boy names all day and we still haven't reached anything we definitely love enough to commit to. With Caspian, I wanted to name him Neville but sadly, he just didn't look like one. Ryan and I threw out a few names, then Ryan said, "What about Caspian?" Instantly I knew that was his name. It was like it was his name all along; we just had to realize it. I'm waiting for that to happen with this baby, too. But it's kind of important to find out baby's sex first.

Caspian and lil' bit are currently chasing each other around. They're still hissing and growling at each other, but given the fact that we've only had the baby for one day, I'm impressed that they're interacting instead of still avoiding each other like they did at first.

And so the family is one creature bigger :)


Mandie said...

Sarah I am in love!! I would have brought him home too (if I was not allergic). Michael is asking about every week now if we can rescue a kitty.

Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Petsmart can get you in trouble!!! ... He/she is adorable though!!! ... and with Baxter, we didnt know either if he was a boy or girl until his first vet visit.

Kristina said...

One trick is to put the little one in the bathroom or some other room until he gets all of his shots and the like. Then Caspian has time to get used to the smell of the other cat, and they will meet each other through the door. It eases the transition a bit, and makes sure that neither cat gets the other sick until the new one has seen the vet.

Sara said...

I think you should name him Jasper! Hehehe...