Monday, July 20, 2009

Graveyards, Grasshoppers, Greyscale

Okay, so I cheated. The bug in this picture is 99% likely to NOT be a grasshopper. But it started with a 'g' so I went with it.

I discovered him right outside my front door last Friday. I like finding interesting bugs around my house (as long as they stay on the OUTside).

On Friday evening, we went to a graveyard to get some pick-up shots for the movie. I love graveyards. I think they're so peaceful and beautiful. The golden light that the sun was casting on everything didn't hurt, either.
So I've gotten into this weird habit of taking pictures of only the edges/tops of things against the sky. They are weird and kind of quirky. They are probably pointless, but I like them anyway.
Graveyard friends!
And that's all, folks!


Ryan said...

I like the treetop/sky one... It's cute and interesting.

josephhutson said...

I second Ryan. I also really like the picture second from the bottom. :D (not that I dislike any of the others.

kristena marie said...

Hey lady, I linked to you today. :D