Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hallelujah, February is over!

No offense to anyone who has a birthday or other special occasion in February, but it is my LEAST favorite month. Here is the breakdown:

Around September, it still FEELS like summer, at least in Tulsa, but all the stores are starting to put out their fall clothes/decorations, etc. and the beloved Pumpkin Spice latte reappears at Starbucks. (Last fall, Josey - my best friend since seventh grade - and I screamed, "Pumpkin Spice lattes!" and jumped up and down when we walked outside and it was cold.)

October, of course, is the best month ever (in my opinion) - fall starts, there are a lot of birthdays among my family/friends, and HALLOWEEN! The weather starts to get colder - so refreshing. I love it!

November - fall is in full swing, amazing recipes for pumpkiny and cranberry-y things are taken out, Thanksgiving is in the air...

December - CHRISTMAS! A cozy, familyish, reflective, joyous month (especially if you're crazy like me and ENJOY the shopping crowds!)

January - the start of a new year. My birthday. Ryan's and my dating anniversary.

February - umm, is it June yet?? By this time, the cold weather and the harsh winds have REALLY gotten old, and with stores starting to sell summer clothes and swimsuits, any weather below 60 degrees just seems cruel.

This is why I love March! It saves me from February!

To really put me in the mood for summer, next week I leave for vaca in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My in-laws have a gorgeous condo down there and have graciously invited Ryan and me to join them for a few days. I've been there once before and it's just wonderful. There are SO MANY beautiful flowers and a zoo on the property! Peacocks and ostriches walk around like they own the place. 'Tis awesome, to say the least. Hopefully Tulsa weather will be ready for me when I get back :)

Oh, and happy birthday to Ron Weasley! ;)

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