Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There are no words (except these).

For my birthday back in January, Ryan got me tickets to what was sure to be the most mind-blowing concert I'd ever experience.

It was. And I'm pretty sure it will always hold that title (these guys being a very close second).

Billy Joel and Elton John were - what else? AMAZING. For decades they've been musical icons and I really love that their appeal spans generations. When the twin grand pianos were raised onto the stage, I began to scream. Then when they came out...oh man. It would be embarrassing to describe how I reacted, but it's probably along the lines of what you're imagining.

Singing along to great songs I've grown up listening to felt just as incredible as I had anticipated. I loved that they played together, then separately, then together again. Elton John didn't say much between his songs, but he very frequently gave these adorable "Look what I'm doing! Isn't it cool?!" open-mouthed, jubilant little boy looks. He seemed genuinely ecstatic to be up there. I told Ryan that I want him to always wear a top hat and his flamboyant coat and tails and live in a big magical tree in my backyard. I would have special chimes that I would ring when I wanted him to come out with his piano and entertain me. I would feed him on berries and twigs - not to be mean, but because it'd only be appropriate given the rest of the circumstances.

Yes, that he does. (Photo credit goes to Ryan.)

Billy Joel - wow. I have to admit that I was a little more excited to see him than Elton, and my intuition was right on. I knew how much I loved his music, but I had no idea what a fantastic entertainer he was. He was hilarious, he was real, he was A-MAZING. And he stopped "River of Dreams" (EDIT: I cannot believe I called it "In the Middle of the Night" at first - I promise I knew it was called River of Dreams. I guess this concert really DID blow my mind) mid-song to play "Oklahoma" - then continued where he'd left off with the song. He came out from behind the piano and played the guitar for "We Didn't Start the Fire." Then for another song (that I don't remember right now...) it was just him and the mic, which I didn't expect, but wow - he spun the stand around and threw it up in the air and halfway across the stage for someone else to catch. Nothing that hasn't been done at a concert before, but I was impressed that he was just as fun to watch without the piano.
(He's behind the piano in this case.)

Some dude somehow got onstage and proposed to his girlfriend. I've always kind of wanted to witness a public proposal, but this was kind of like "...what just happened? Why is he in the front row when the girl to whom he's proposing is behind the stage in the nosebleeds?" As much as I love proposals, it was by far one of the least exciting moments of the show. Am I starting to paint an accurate picture?

And the jamming - oh, the jamming. I think the piano is the most beautiful instrument out there and when I hear someone who can REALLY play....oh man. It's just insane. And two of them on the same stage? I'm surprised downtown Tulsa didn't implode. Of course, they ended with "Piano Man." We were a little disappointed that there was no encore, but as I told Ryan, you just can't follow "Piano Man." When they play that song, you know it's over.

No "Pressure" and no "For the Longest Time"....sigh. Even so, I was humbled to be there; to be entertained live by two of the greatest musicians of our (and our parents' - which is SO GREAT!) time. Thanks, Billy and Elton. And THANK YOU RYAN!!!

Saying bye-bye.

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