Sunday, March 1, 2009

I was doing my reading one day and on my phone, I can click on a certain verse to see what people have said about it. This comes from Genesis 3:1-13. (I had been trying to get to the part where God tells Satan that because he tempted Eve, he will from now on crawl on his belly - thus proving my point that snakes are the spawn of Satan. I think snakes are the most terrifying creatures on the planet - but I digress.) Anyway, I was directed to this quote and I found it extremely fascinating and true:

"The modern secular world—the world which tries to remove God from his all-creating, all-sustaining, all-defining, all-governing place—has no choice but to make itself god and to create its own morality. In other words, when man abandons God and his self-revelation as the source of what is objectively true and right and beautiful, the next highest court of appeal is man himself.

If God is not the measure of what is true and right and beautiful, then I am and you are. And since we—the god called “you,” and the god called “me”—may not agree, the result will be: Might makes right. And everything in education, and media, and politics in this God-evicting world becomes a battle for power. Not a quest for objective truth and right and beauty, since there isn't any, but a power-struggle. Because the one who has the power, in a world without God, defines reality. Defines what is true. Defines what is right. Defines what is beautiful. And there is no court of appeal in heaven for the weak. Man is god. And the powerful man is god-Almighty—the maker of the truth, the inventor of what is right, and the definer of what is beautiful."

I wish I could think things like that up, let alone put them into eloquent words. It is so true. In this world, God is offensive and therefore we "can't" talk about him - yet we were created by him in his image, with an inborn desire to seek truth, goodness, and beauty. People look for these things everywhere and settle for whatever they find, not realizing that what they seek can only be found in what they're avoiding.

I am so blessed to be a child of God. I pray you are too!

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