Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Sun to Snow.....

Ryan and I got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a little after 7 last night. We had SUCH a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely perfect from arrival to departure. (It's just too bad we had to come back to 34-DEGREE WEATHER. C'mon, Oklahoma. For real.)

While checking in pre-bright and early last Saturday morning, we made the very upsetting discovery that our DSLR was on top of the piano at home. Devastating for a girl whose livelihood partially depends on being able to take awesome pics of everything. However, I was determined to have a good attitude so I looked at the bright side - at least my iPhone takes pretty good pictures.

Also, Ryan's dad generously allowed us to use his 5-megapixel point-and-shoot - so that was nice.

Without further ado, some (okay, a LOT of) photos of our trip:

The food and drinks were, of course, amazing.
Teehee! This was a drink that my mother-in-law got. Afterward we did silly things with its face, but I won't bore you with those pictures.

The resort is BEAUTIFUL!

And there were beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE.

I frolicked in the ocean

and chilled by the pool

and collected seashells

and happened upon an iguana

and took the obligatory "feet on the beach" picture. (Okay, I'm really posting this one to show off my awesome little girls' section at Target flip-flops. Dig 'em?)

One day, we went fishing (read: my husband and in-laws went fishing and I went trying-not-to-cry-at-watching-fishies-dying). The boat ride was sooooo wonderful.

My father-in-law is silly. Well, at least around me.

And my husband is cute.
Like that transition I did there? Also, this picture is from before we started bothering to turn off the flash - but yes, I really am that white. I am a vampire.

My mother-in-law bought me this dress I eyed from a vendor on the beach. Also, Ariel's voice is in my necklace.

One day, Ryan and I walked to this pier

and admired the view.

The pools were AMAZING.

Goodbye, Mexico, and thanks for the wonderful vacation!

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Ryan said...

You're not the only one that looks like a vampire... that SPF50 did a number on my face in that one picture...