Saturday, March 28, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha....

Why must you reel me in with your adorable crafts, your creative recipes, your guide that tells me where I can get all of the beautiful things I *think* I need in your magazines? Why must you make me daydream of being able to do everything in your magazine for a living?

It only makes going to my real job less pleasant.

Last fall, one of my dear friends let me borrow some old October Marthas for some Halloween ideas. I was immediately hooked. I traded my extra George Foreman grill for all of her old Marthas. (I think I got the better end of the deal.)

Whenever I mention the fact that I can't get enough of Martha Stewart Living magazine, most people respond with shock, disgust, and, inevitably, a mention of her time behind bars. These people obviously haven't seen what she can do to an Easter egg. I don't buy her magazine and save all the issues so I can read them to my future children each night before they go to bed, telling them that my prayer is that they will be like Martha when they grow up. I don't lose sleep over what she does with her money, personal life, etc. - just keep showing me how I can achieve the wonder I see on the pages of her magazine and I'm happy. Is that bad? Maybe...but we're supposed to forgive, right? I forgive you, Martha.

Some time in the next couple of weeks, I shall be attempting to replicate the fabulous Easter eggs on the cover of the April edition. I would post pictures of her eggs here...alas, I am at work and the computer will hardly let me do anything. Besides, I plan on posting pictures of the eggs I decorate and having Martha's eggs and mine on the same page for easy and obvious comparison would just depress me.

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