Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"Leave Me" WON the 36-hour contest! I am so, so proud of my husband and all of our friends who worked hard on this. I wish I could have been there instead of having had to work. In case it hasn't been said enough, you all did such an incredible job and blew me (and so many others) away with your talents. I'm so proud of you all!!!


josephhutson said...

Thank Sarah. Though you weren't with us in person during the shoot, you were there in the thoughts of all of the cast and crew. Thanks for opening up your house, and allowing us to shoot there.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

WOW! I am SO happy they won! It was seriously a fantastic film. I showed Darin last night and he was like, "Hey - I know that guy!" And I said, "Yeah, it's the husband of that girl I tell you about all the time...ya know, they used to be in our SS class and yada yada..." :) Anyway, congrats! Go celebrate!

Stephanie said...

:) Yayy... I have to remember to look at it at home when I can HEAR it... (my computer at works doesn't have sound)