Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Egg night!

It's a little pathetic how long I sat trying to think of an exciting post title that did not involve an egg pun. Turns out there isn't one (unless you can come up with one), so "egg night" it is. It was way more fun than it sounds.

Some friends came over and we dyed, decoupaged, ate, talked, and laughed for a few hours. It was perfect!

Okay, the only picture I got of Gloria was of her making us sandwiches. A little embarrassing (you DO NOT see the empty paper towel roll on the holder or the casserole dish in the sink - to be fair, we had JUST used the last paper towel and the dish was clean, just drying) but here she is in all her glory - ha, ha:

Yes, someone else was making sandwiches for us. No, I was not at the top of my hostessing game that night. I had spent two hours trying to hollow eighteen eggs and managed to ruin half the crate before someone else took over. I was a little cracked. (I guess I'm giving up on the "no egg puns" thing.) Okay, let's move on.

One friend brought her amazing glass teapot o' goodness and wonder. We all sat in awe as we watched the tea blossom. 'Twas funny.

The lovely eggs:

My favorite:This egg isn't exactly beautiful, but it is an adorable bunny with a cane nonetheless (don't forget my obsession with old animals):

And I must say that I am quite proud of my "egg tree." Funny story - I spent a couple of weeks looking for the perfect branch on which to hang my eggs. Finally, on Saturday while running errands on Greyscale's wrap day (a post on that to come), I was driving up Memorial and found the PERFECT branch. I told myself that I would come back for it later in the day. A few hours after that, I drove up and down Memorial looking for it but didn't see it anywhere. I figured that it must have blown away and I was very sad. BUT - after we wrapped, while heading toward the BA, I saw it.

Turns out it wasn't a branch. It was a whole tree. Someone had evidently uprooted it and decided that the side of a busy street in midtown was a good place for it. Undaunted, I pulled over into an empty parking lot, put my foot down on the tree, and tore off a good piece. I threw it into the backseat of my car, feeling like a very silly criminal. I took it home, sawed off the torn edge and some extra twigs, and spray-painted it. It became my quirky little egg tree.
To think I almost paid $40 for a little egg-hangy-thingy at Pier 1...

All in all, we had an eggcellent time. Aww, man...

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Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

YOUR EGG PARTY LOOKS AWESOME!!! And I must say, the Peter Rabbit egg is my FAVORITE. Oh, it's precious.