Tuesday, April 14, 2009

There is a difference.

I HATE talking about politics. Besides the fact that it's a social faux pas, it always puts people in a bad mood unless you agree with the person(s) in the conversation, and then, where's the opportunity for a new perspective? However, I need to say something.

There is a difference between having conservative political views and disobeying the Gospel. Jesus tells us to show love to everyone, to help people in need, to use the gifts we've been given to give others a leg up. Of course I will listen to what I'm commanded to do and obey. It is my privilege to honor the God that has given me everything. I just don't want to hand over the reigns to the government in this area.

Not all conservatives are selfish, power-hungry people and I rarely get angry, but I am outraged at being so quickly lumped into that category. (EDIT: after some thinking, I realized that is worded poorly. Of course I can be selfish sometimes - we all can. I should clarify that selfishness and a desire for power are not the basis for my political beliefs.) Getting into arguments with Christian liberals is very upsetting to me. These are people who love and serve the same God that I do accusing me of hurtful and downright inaccurate things. I do NOT believe in only giving to those who "deserve" it. Christians have been given eternal life and everyone knows we don't deserve it. My issue is that I would rather pray and be led to those to whom I need to give than to have that money automatically placed in areas that are going to help people financially, but not necessarily further His kingdom.

EDIT: I am not trying to convince anyone to believe as I do. I'm just stating where I stand and defending myself against an attack I've come under before.

Thanks, that's all.


Legal-Right said...

I agree. It is hard to be accused of downright hateful ideologies simply because I want to be led by God as to where my money should go, not the government.

Sarah's Adventures said...

Very well said. Better than I said it. Ha.