Thursday, April 9, 2009

Greyscale Wrap Day

Well, it's over. It's been a crazy and incredibly fulfilling ride. We've met tons of new awesome people and learned more than we could ever describe. This is one of those things that I never, ever imagined would happen in my life but it makes perfect sense that it has. We are not the authors, my friends.

Saturday, April 4th was our wrap day. We started mid-morning and ended after midnight. It was a very fun day, complete with a fire truck. I even got to pretend to be dead on a gurney because they needed a stiff. Here's how that conversation went:

(Sarah approaches the set after returning from a Bread Co. run)
Ryan: "Umm...hey, Sarah?"
Sarah: "YES I'll be dead under a sheet!!!"

Call me weird. Call me sick. Call me macabre. You're absolutely right.

Anyway, back to the day's events. On camera, there were thugs, there was sneaking around a warehouse, there were paramedics on scene. Off camera, there were laughs, there were silly dances, there were random bursts of "Fiddler on the Roof" songs (shout-out to Mag!). We had a great and productive last day on set.

Here are some photos to enjoy. Myself and a bunch of other people were using the camera that day so photo credit goes to pretty much everyone.

Okay, so at some point in the afternoon I realized that between the area we were shooting and the room where the "suited-up" actors were waiting was a perfectly-placed wall:
Teehee. They were jealous of the fun we were having. I'm sure of it.

Moving on:
Fooooood. (I missed this. I was too busy jamming to Will Smith in my car on the way back to set after a much-desired shower.)

Adorable cake that Ryan's mom got:

I caught this gentleman deeply pondering who-knows-what:

Okay, here we go! Here I am getting strapped down:

And having way more fun than a corpse should have:

And there I am! w00t!

Thanks, guys!

Our lovely Marisa had other duties that day, but she made it just in time for the last shot.

Overall, I think our director was satisfied.

Thanks to EVERYONE on this project for making my life so much better. None of us will ever forget this.

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josephhutson said...

I love it Sarah. You did a great job under the sheet. And a great "spirit" as well. ;) I love your little conversation with Ryan after getting back on set. makes me smile. :)