Sunday, April 19, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Ryan, my in-laws and I are leaving for Las Vegas early this morning. I have never been and am sooooo stoked. We are staying right on the strip in the Monte Carlo. Ryan is going to be attending a convention where the newest equipment for film, etc. is premiered - right up his alley, so he's excited about that. I will be manning the camera and simply taking it all in. The weather forecast is showing 80s-90s and sunshine all week. Here's hoping that the conditions will really be that great! I tentatively plan on blogging each night while we're there, but from what they say, anything can happen in Vegas...and it's supposed to stay in I make no guarantees. :) However, the only way I won't be describing my adventures there at SOME point is if the city has a creepy ability to suck one's memories out of one's brain when one leaves. So get excited. I know I am!

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