Friday, May 29, 2009


That's how many more hours I have of work until I get to go home and go to sleep.

Then I get to wake up in the late afternoon, go see "Up" with Ryan, and come back for another twelve-hour shift. Then another one on Saturday night.

I am working two weekends in a row so that I can switch to the opposite weekend rotation that I've been working. This is because I am going on two trips in June for which I would have needed two of my weekends off if I hadn't switched.

Next weekend, my heart will be beating a little more earnestly, for I shall be in New York City. I have no specific plans for when I am up there. None. I will get there around noon on Friday and leave shortly after noon on the following Wednesday. That's four whole wake-up-and-go-to-bed-in-New-York days, plus two half-days. My sister and I will do as we please and go with the flow. We shall picnic in Central Park. We shall shop. We shall eat at quirky little places. We shall take lots of pictures and laugh until we (nearly) die. It shall be awesome. (Okay, so maybe I do have some vague plans. But I don't know WHERE in Central Park we will picnic, WHERE we will shop, WHICH quirky little places we will go to for dining purposes. So there. Spontaneity fully intact. Oh, except I know that I must have another watermelon slush at that one place.)

So. Four more hours of this shift. I think I can do it with fun things on my mind.

And so ends my "number" posts. This one was kind of a stretch, anyway.


Tattooed Dorothy said...

Wonder if you'll walk in to the middle of a film set this time while you're in Central Park! (:

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Have fun in NYC!!! =)

josephhutson said...

I am very jealous.

Sarah's Adventures said...

Ashley, that was SO much fun! Good times.