Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whiskers on Kittens, Warm Woolen Mittens.

Yes, I changed the words. Raindrops on roses don't do much for me and I could take or leave bright copper kettles.

Evidently, everybody who's anybody in the blog world occasionally posts about things they like. I love this idea - I think it's a really interesting way to get to know quirky things about people, and others' posts have alerted me to awesomeness that I didn't know existed. So, onto the bandwagon I jump.

Pineapple Orchid scent from Bath & Body works. It smells sooo good - the perfect combination of fresh citrus and lovely floral. The smell tells me that summer is coming. Besides, the candle is so pretty. I put some gnomes around it to make you smile.
So I collect gnomes. What of it? (Just kidding. These are from a gnome hunt that we put on for Gloria's birthday - but that's a different story.)

Vitamin mentha lip gloss, also from Bath & Body Works. (Honestly, I am NOT as obsessed with this store as the average female. I'm surprised that two things from there made it onto my list.) Josey introduced me to this in the dead of winter. The mint is tingly and so refreshing on your lips, and it even makes them sparkle - but not "I'm twelve years old" sparkle. Just enough. More of a shimmer, really.
They are also available tinted, but vampires such as I make any lip color look more shocking than it would look on a human being with pigment, so the tinted ones make me nervous.

The new dish towels I picked up from Crate & Barrel in Chicago. I have somewhat of a fixation with dish towels. I find that they are an inexpensive, easy way to help my kitchen look more festive. I have two stacks in my drawer: one holiday-themed stack and one just plain cute stack. Aren't they SO adorable? They make me want to gush with domesticity.

My Matryoshka doll measuring cups. I wish I'd thought of these! They make me smile. They are from Anthropologie. (Umm, can I PLEASE get one built in Utica Square? Tulsa people would go there. I promise.)

The nth wonder of the world: Sour Patch watermelons. Mmm, they are my favorite in all the land.

Last but not least, the word "peahen." What? I've always liked it. *Crickets*


Ryan said...

You're fun to be married to... did you know that?

Kristina said...

I desperately need your measuring cups.