Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tease, Tease, Tease.

Yesterday was absolutely amazing. It will definitely rank high on the list of "Sarah's Adventures." We're talking Magnificent Mile, "The Bean," a water fountain, the art institute, a huge sundae from Ghirardelli, seeing my best friend and her family for like twenty minutes, Ethiopian food, inadvertently taking the train to a baaaaad part of town and having to walk around and get harassed in said bad part of town, Harry Potter, and Bubba Gump's on Navy Pier. But we are about to leave (frown) so pictures will have to come later. Get excited!!

Note: Chicago, along with everything else in life, is WAY better when it's not raining.


Tattooed Dorothy said...

Matt and I were in Chicago a few weekends ago, and I am beyond upset that I missed the Harry Potter exhibit. But we did get to indulge in some Ghiradelli (:

josephhutson said...

what a day!