Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hannah's Baby Shower

On Saturday, I had the privilege of taking pictures at my dear friend Hannah's baby shower. She is glowing and absolutely adorable! Baby Israel is due in just over a month. We are all so excited!

Hannah's sister Kendra, who hosted the shower in her lovely home, painted pictures for Israel's room to go along with the airplane theme. How cute!

We had a very yummy brunch.

Hannah somehow got away with an extra ration of cute. I hope I'm half that adorable when I'm expecting!

Hannah has such precious nephews....(Wade is not pictured, but he is very handsome too) :)

And such a lovely niece!

Both grandmas-to-be were radiant :)
The gift table:

We guessed Hannah's tummy circumference for prizes! Here she is measuring ;)

A great time was had by all.

I'm so honored to have been there on such a special day for Hannah. She will be a wonderful mommy!


Hannah said...

You are soooooo sweet!!! I am blessed to have you as a friend.

Sara said...

Your pictures are very good. You're definitely showing your talent. Now I just have to say that Hannah is very gracious. I would punch someone if they dared asked me to measure my circumference. Pregnant of not! Lol.

Sarah's Adventures said...

Thanks Sara, that really means a lot to me. Hannah didn't measure in inches; we used a pink ribbon to compare. But I agree; since I am not now nor will I ever be as tiny and cute as she is, it would be embarrassing for me too!