Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Since I know so many adorable mommies-to-be, I thought I would give them a shout-out on my blog and wish them all a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! No, your babies aren't outside in the world yet, but you are all taking great care of them and being wonderful mommies already and I am so happy for you. I hope you (and your husbands/families) realize that this Mother's Day does indeed "count" for you!

This year is a little sad for me because I can't be with my mom. Because of my work schedule, I'm unable to visit her up in St. Louis. The wonderful thing is that my sister ("Bruther" - I'm slowly introducing everyone's nicknames) surprised her and flew in from New York City to be with her this weekend. They've been having a great time and I'm so, so glad.

Yemma - you are simply the best. Throughout my life I have never failed to see the love you have for and pride you take in me. I love that we are girlfriends. I love that we call each other freaking out about the SAME things but can always help each other see reason on our respective "turns" to need a chill pill. I love that we laugh and act goofy together - you are a true Lucy Ricardo and have taught me to be the same. You have sacrificed everything for Mary and me, and now you need to know that it is okay to need us too. We will all come out of this battle as better, "schlexier" ladies!

Gra - the unfailing warmth of your hands is a perfect reflection of your heart (and only you could have inspired me to write something so corny and poetic). Not a day of my life has gone by without the security of knowing that if I have nothing else, I have your love and support. Thank you for letting me use your old typewriter and for saving all of the silly stories I wrote on it as a child. Thank you for teaching me the importance of education and PROPER GRAMMAR! I love that we've taken turns editing each other's papers for classes. You have taught me the importance of staying young and having an open mind to always learning new things.

Mimi - it's been almost eight years now. I miss your homemade mint tea and hot curried fruit. I miss watching in awe as you sewed the most beautiful creations I'd ever seen. I miss stopping for peach ice cream on the way to Myrtle beach, you speeding down the highway with your radar detector on. I miss going to the Love Feast at the Moravian church in Winston-Salem every Christmas Eve. I even miss your insistence that we listen to Dr. Laura on talk radio in the afternoons. What I would give to do it all just ONE more time. I can't wait to see you again.

Yemma V, I love thee! You have always been so welcoming and fun. I love your giggle and the fact that you actually say "Good grief." You have raised a family who definitely uses ALL of your brains - you guys are the most logical AND the most creative people I know. It's not fair. I need some of that. Thanks for putting up with Josey and me. We were too loud EVERY time I spent the night. Thank you SO much for being a great friend to my Yemma.

Lory - you raised a wonderful man and prepared him well to be my husband. Thank you for your extreme dedication to seeing him grow to walk with God. Thank you for being such a wonderful prayer warrior. You don't take any request lightly and it is such a comfort to so many. I am glad we are making such wonderful memories on all of the fabulous vacations we've been on together! You give so abundantly in so many ways.

I am extremely blessed to know such incredible women. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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